Fair Resolution Of Business Disputes Is Possible

Fair Resolution Of Business Disputes Is Possible

Meet Scott Zucker

Scott is an attorney, certified mediator and arbitrator. He is an eloquent communicator and efficient mediator and arbitrator. For more than 30 years, he has helped businesses in a vast range of industries achieve cost-effective resolutions. Minimizing the impact of disputes through mediation, arbitration and out-of-court settlements can save your business from costly litigation fees and save your business’s reputation in the community. Arbitration, mediation and settlements are not easy processes. They require you to engage with the other party on a closer level than in the courtroom before a judge.

When you work with Scott, you will work with an energetic, innovative thinker who utilizes the opportunities and possibilities in mediation and arbitration. You can read more about his professional background by following the link here:

Working With Privately Held And Publicly Traded Businesses For Three Decades

Scott leverages his experience as a mediator and arbitrator to forging solid ground so you can focus on surging productivity levels for your business. Scott has in-depth experience working with a wide range of privately held and publicly traded businesses. As a mediator and arbitrator, he handles the full scope of contentions involving:

  • Construction defects
  • Mechanic’s liens
  • Real estate disputes
  • Boundary line conflicts
  • Landlord issues
  • Insurance matters
  • Labor and employment conflicts
  • Environmental concerns

Businesses face myriad breaches of contract, negligence claims, premises liability, loss and damage, and other matters during the course of operations. When you are looking for a trusted mediator or arbitrator, speak with Scott.

Savvy Business Solutions With Mediation Or Arbitration

Conflict resolution is a good business practice for many reasons. When mediation or arbitration is the right solution for your business dispute, speak with Scott Zucker. Put Scott’s insight and experience with alternative dispute resolutions to work in your corner. Contact Epic Resolution Services in Atlanta by sending an email or calling 404-400-7880.